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Frozen By Fire unleashes its 2nd album "The Quickening" unto the world

August 2013
Las Vegas, NV

The band Frozen By Fire has just put out its 2nd album, The Quickening, on their own FBF Records, and it's their best work so far.  The songs on The Quickening range from hard and fast, to mid tempo rocking songs, to powerful ballads, to some progressive influenced rockers.  The CD contains 11 songs, each of which is unique.  
The guitars feature powerful riffs, some clean guitars, and solos that are amazing.  Everything from full out shred, to sweep picking, to tasteful melodic parts.  The vocals range from in your face hard rock wailing, to tender singing, some vocal harmonies, and a few metal screams thrown in for good measure.  The bass is driving and punchy, and the drums are powerful yet flashy.  Overall, The Quickening is a more diverse album for the band, showing more variety and more musical intricacies than anything they have done before.  Standout tracks include the first single "Die Like A Man",  the hard rocking "Driving Me Insane", and the contemplative ballad "Powerline Road".

The Frozen By Fire band lineup on the new CD features The Joblin on Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars, and Bass, John Daniels on Guitars, and Brian "Frosty" Foster on Drums.  Reknowned guitarist Pete Pachio is featured on the album on two guest guitar solos.  

The CD is available for purchase directly from the band online, through their own website, and from select retailers.  The songs are available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and almost every major internet outlet.

Frozen By Fire is an all original Melodic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock band from Las Vegas Nevada.  The band has a classic Metal feel, drawing influences from great bands such as Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Metallica, Judas Priest, etc, along with some newer metal bands to give it a fresh sound for today's music market.  The band released its debut album "Let The Madness Begin" in 2009.  
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