Frozen By Fire is an all original Melodic Heavy Metal band from Las Vegas Nevada.  The band's music features big choruses, powerful riffs, amazing guitar work with dual solos, solid driving bass, pounding drums, vocals ranging from clean singing to full out rock wailing, and even vocal harmonies. 

The songs range from heavy, hard, and fast, to slow grinding rockers, to sensitive ballads, to all out in your face rock and roll.  Always entertaining, and looking to take things to the next level. The band has been playing locally in Las Vegas, and around the southwest, at clubs and venues, and soon to be touring the world. 

The band released its first album in 2009 called "Let The Madness Begin" and in 2013 released its second album, entitled "The Quickening". 

Coming soon:

Frozen By Fire's new album - Dancing With Death - 2018

Current Lineup: 

The Joblin - Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars 

Cody Cris - Lead Guitars 

Ricky Pasket - Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals 

Boney McDermott - Drums

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