For Immediate Release:

Frozen By Fire, the Las Vegas based Melodic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band,  
Has just released their first official single from their upcoming album Dancing With Death.  
This first single is called "See You in Hell". 

If you've ever had a breakup with a significant other, then this song is for you! 
You may have still had feelings for that person, but you knew it was over. 
A certain animosity had been created, and yet you wanted to tell them to go to hell, but with some dignity and respect!

The song features heavy guitar riffs, an epic guitar solo, 
and vocals that go from clean melodic singing to a nastier side in the chorus. 
Driving Bass and Pounding Drums round out the sound. 
The song itself is very catchy, yet heavy, and with lyrics almost anyone can relate to. 

I'm sure you demand a high quality recording to listen to, and we've got you covered on that one! 
You won't be able to tell much of a difference between this recording and a modern major label release. 
A song that is heavy enough for todays music market, with a sound of nostalgia for the good old days of rock and metal. 

"Until we meet again, I wish you well, but the next time that I see you will be in Hell." 
See You in Hell - Frozen By Fire


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